Shea and Jared Riker buy their dream home in rural Tennessee, but it quickly turns into their worst nightmare. Summer, their three-year-old, says she sees a girl hanging in the tree in their front yard. Imaginary friend? Maybe?

The sighting’s forgotten, that’s until the rest of the family encounter the unexplained. Shea, mysterious footsteps in the hall at night. Jared, a vision of his Native American forefathers. Brody, their son, reports a dark shadow following his mother around. Even Shea’s mom gets a taste of the unknown while visiting.

Seeking answers, they look to a neighbor, Ms. Callie Reynolds, an older black lady whose ancestors worked the land as slaves for a family named Shaw. Per family folklore, young Misses Shaw, Arabella, “went mad” after her husband is killed in the Civil War, and possibly even loses a child, a little girl, but here the story gets muddled.

Jared says leave. Shea says stay, believing they’re sent to be the salvation of the place. Due to this belief, the couple embarks on a course, that not only tests their love and faith, but at times, their very sanity.

Update: Plans are for Arabella to be out by Christmas. COVID-19 has delayed a lot of things.

D. R. Bucy